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Product Name: Cypermethrin
Product Type: Agrochemical Intermediates
Product spec: 95
Packing: 200
Post Time: 2017-02-24
Description: Physical and chemical properties: Tech. Grade is a thick liquid or semisolid with yellow-brown colour, the special gravity is 1.24 (20ºC), Flash point is 80 ºC, hardly soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohol, acetone, benzene, etc, Stable in acidity and neutral condition. Toxicity: Actual oral LD50 for rats 138 mg/kg, 303-4123 mg/kg for mice. Acute Percutaneous toxicity: LD50=1600mg/kg for rats and LD50 = 2000 mg/kg for rabbits Fish toxicity TLm 1ppb max. Low toxic to birds. Actual oral LD50 2000 mg/kg min. High toxic to bee, silkworm and earthworm, ADI for man is 0.06 mg/kg per day. Packing: Technical, usually, iron drums, 100, 200 kg net weight; EC, 0.5 or 1.0 litre/aluminum bottle or PET bottle and is flexible depending upon the customers'' requirements. Uses: It is mainly used to control most insectpests on rice, tobacco, tea, vegetables, cotton, fruit trees, cereal crops, forestry and etc. It is high effective against cotton pink bollworm, pink bollworms, common cabbage worn, diamond back moth, aphid, fulgorids, rice leaf roller, thrips and etc.
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